The Dippin’ Dots Debate

At the baseball game last week, Aashish and I reminisced about a conversation we had about Dippin’ Dots.  We had decided that Dippin’ Dots are NOT the ice cream of the future (which they no longer claim to be) and that people are either one of two things: Pro OR Anti-Dippin’ Dots.

A few minutes later, we caught Otto eating Dippin’ Dots.

(He looks like he’s in jail for eating them, but this is not the case– in fact, I am very PRO Dippin’ Dots).

How do YOU feel about Dippin’ Dots??  Leave a comment!


7 Responses to “The Dippin’ Dots Debate”

  1. emilia Says:

    dippin’ dots! I am so pro. Unfortunately they’re so futuristic they seem to have traveled from our local movie theaters back to the future. Alas. Or at least to the east coast.

  2. rebecca Says:

    Maybe you’re right– it used to be that you could only get them at amusement parks, but now they seem to be in every mall food court out here.

  3. BU Says:

    I have never seen or eaten a Dippin’ Dot.

  4. rebecca Says:

    I guess we need to get you out more!

  5. Brad Says:

    I was just talking about dippin’ dots… at a baseball game. I think that’s the only place we get them out west.
    I’ve never had one, myself. I keep my feet (and tongue) planted firmly in the present.

  6. rebecca Says:

    I think that is a good plan. You’d better watch that tongue. It is a slippery slope… erm… DOT.

  7. Elly Says:

    um, as cool as dippin dots are, I’ve had a fair share of them, I just don’t find them that tasty. I’d much rather be eating icecream, it’s less work or something. I just can’t put my finger on it, but I just think they’re a waste of time and energy. (The future is pro energy so I don’t see them being any big thing.)

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