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Cotton Candyland

June 30, 2008

Though it may look like a guinea pig from a distance, Nick is actually eating cotton candy.  That’s going to be SOME sugar high!

Here’s Elisa, also eating cotton candy: another girl-eating-stuff:

Thanks for the photos Elisa!


The Learn-ed Eater, part II

June 25, 2008

This learned eater has been featured on educational television:

Thanks to BU for the photo, and to the whole gang involved in THE BEST SURPRISE EVER.

our previous post: eating and learning

YOU stole the last slice!

June 24, 2008

No one wants to be the guy who took the last slice, the last cookie, the last chicken wing.  That is, unless you think no one will see you take it.  It is also recommended that the last bit of a coveted food item be consumed either 1) in an inconspicuous, incognito location, or 2) more quickly than an eyeball can pivot in your direction.

Thanks to Kristen for submitting and captioning/titling this photo.

Guys Grilling Stuff

June 22, 2008

so natural:

so natural

While some men are reluctant to get in front of the stove, many unabashedly grill and excel at it. Guys love grilling stuff. I have a few ideas as to why:

1) Grilling primarily involves cooking meat. Prototypical guys love eating meat. Perhaps they love eating meat because, subconsciously, it allows them to assert their position above the rest of nature. (See also Hummers, Airplanes and Trucks with Unnaturally Huge Tires).

2) Grilling often involves charcoal and/or fire. Pyromania is masculine and arguably bad-ass.

3) Grilling is normally done outdoors, which allows guys to get in touch with their primal wilderness survival instincts.

4) Burgers are always better on the grill, as pictured below:

“Hmm… did I cook this all the way?”

Tester bite.

“Mmm… satisfying.”

Why do YOU think guys love grilling so much?

How to Keep it Clean

June 19, 2008

I’m absolutely in favor of getting messy while eating.  Sometimes the enjoyment of food is positively correlated with the amount of mess created by eating it, especially for some guy favorites like ribs, wings, chili-dogs, and turkey legs.  In the pictures below, Marc cleans up with class.

After BBQ in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Free continental breakfast in Effingham, Illinois.

P.S. As previously mentioned, this is NOT a dirty site.

Girls eating stuff?

June 17, 2008

This is NOT A DIRTY SITE (just in case anyone stumbled upon this in a google search) and I don’t plan to do this often, but since such a wonderful photo was submitted by Sam, here’s a special today on Girls eating stuff.  It was just SO good I couldn’t leave it out.  Remember this photo, and any others that might follow of girls eating are being displayed because they are of very high quality.   I don’t think you’ll argue:

And continuing our series on ballpark eating:

Feel free to send pictures of this caliber, but remember KEEP IT CLEAN.

‘Tis the Season (reprise)

June 15, 2008

Oh wait– that’s a different season.

We know the tinsel is shiny, Sammy, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it!

Congratulations and Thanks for the Beer!

June 12, 2008

I haven’t been to that many weddings, but I know that free booze and free food are some definite pluses.  These guys are doing their best to enjoy it all!

Thanks to BU for submitting this photo.

I tried to embed this YouTube video, but it didn’t work.  For a GREAT live action feature of guys eating stuff, click on the link below.  It’s fabulous:

Guys eating MEAT

Can you HAM-dle it?

June 11, 2008

This is a picture of BU eating a ham sandwich.

I “promise” I will only post pictures of him ONCE A WEEK, because I’m sure it’s not quite as entertaining for everyone else who looks at this site.

Above I’ve placed the word promise in quotation marks, because if I don’t get more submitted photos, I can’t guarantee that I will keep the “promise.”

So please HAMd over your photos of guys eating stuff– see the ABOUT page for info on how to submit.

The Nativity Story

June 10, 2008

There are people who love hot dogs… and there are people who LOVE HOT DOGS.

Credit is due: To Elisa for titling this photo, which I shamelessly stole from her grinnellgallery.