Wherein Audience Participation is encouraged

See, guys are not bashful about eating, even when in the company of a lady.  I wonder what she was thinking…

This weekend, and in the future when you’re bored at work, I invite you to come up with captions for any of the posted photos. Mike suggested that I caption them, but I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep the captions fresh. So, feel free to submit your caption in the comments section (just provide the post title so folks can go back and look at the picture). OR post your caption in the comments section on the post that contains the photo. There are no rules for the captions– you can write something for a thought bubble, dialogue, or commentary– just keep it PG-13 please, and remember, don’t be bashful.  Maybe eventually I’ll figure out how to put the caption ON the photo.

If you aren’t familiar with captioning photos, check out these popular sites for inspiration:


Pundit Kitchen

Fail Blog


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