Guys Grilling Stuff

so natural:

so natural

While some men are reluctant to get in front of the stove, many unabashedly grill and excel at it. Guys love grilling stuff. I have a few ideas as to why:

1) Grilling primarily involves cooking meat. Prototypical guys love eating meat. Perhaps they love eating meat because, subconsciously, it allows them to assert their position above the rest of nature. (See also Hummers, Airplanes and Trucks with Unnaturally Huge Tires).

2) Grilling often involves charcoal and/or fire. Pyromania is masculine and arguably bad-ass.

3) Grilling is normally done outdoors, which allows guys to get in touch with their primal wilderness survival instincts.

4) Burgers are always better on the grill, as pictured below:

“Hmm… did I cook this all the way?”

Tester bite.

“Mmm… satisfying.”

Why do YOU think guys love grilling so much?


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