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Slots of Fun!

September 29, 2008

Sam of Handstands Across America has made it to Las Vegas!  Seems that places with a “carnival atmosphere” generally do have hotdogs available!  I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I bet (heh heh) it’s pretty overwhelming.  It’s nice to see that 99cent hot dogs are available, so you can still get something to eat even if you squander all your big bucks.

(part of the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas).

Mmm… that looks good!

Thanks for the photo, Sammy!  And win some big bucks!


I’m a bad bloggirlfriend…

September 16, 2008

not only do I not keep up a REAL blog, I didn’t yet wish BU a happy birthday Guys Eating Stuff Style.  This may or may not be because I was hanging out with him in real-time, but that doesn’t mean anything in the blogosphere.  So here we go– Happy BU-lated BUrthday to you!

Mmmashed potatoes and steak!

Guys Eating Steak.

Guys and Gal Eating Steak.

Guy Not Eating Potatoes.

Guys Like Bubbles.


Guys Eating Steak

September 7, 2008


Labor Day Steak Party.

Eating steak does not fall into the “labor” category.