Pizza Folding: Do you or don’t you?

Here’s a great shot of Sam enjoying his pizza.  He’s using the folding method which, according to some, originated in New York or New Jersey:

While I do sometimes fold my pizza, I usually practice the simple “pick it up and eat it” technique.  If the pizza has really thin crust, I’ll fold it.  If I’m trying to keep my hands clean (i.e. I’m also typing or reading while eating), OR if the pizza has lots of toppings OR if I just want to eat it slowly and savor the experience, I’ll cut it and eat it with a fork.

How about you?

Thanks for the submission Kristen, and happy belated (-1)st anniversary you two!


One Response to “Pizza Folding: Do you or don’t you?”

  1. MJ Says:

    Pizza should never be eaten with a fork (unless we’re talking super Chicago deepdish style). That is a capital offense in the culinary world of junkfood eaters!

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