ABOUT and how you can join in

In May of 2008…. The sillyness began:


So… There is a long explanation for this ridiculousness.

1) Basically, as some of you know, I was unemployed recently. A little bored, and with plenty of delusions of grandeur.

2) At Marc’s birthday dinner, it somehow came up that Annie and I think photos of guys eating are hilarious. Then we started talking about the blog Stuff White People Like.

3) Then the two topics merged and we threw around ideas for our own website, based simply upon this inside joke.

4) Unemployed-me decided, what the hey, I’ve got time to kill, I’m gonna do this and see what happens.

Who knows if anyone will think its funny, or if the idea will catch on at all, but I’ve planted a seed, and I pass it along to YOU. Really, I won’t be able to keep this up without some egging on, especially since I got myself a real job now.

so this is how you encourage further ridiculousness:

1) Check out the site.
2) If you like it, and wanna be part of the fun, send your own favorite pictures of guys eating stuff to guyseatingstuff (at) gmail (dot) com OR just email ME (Rebecca) if you know MY email…
3) You can include a story about the photo if you’d like. But let’s keep it PG-13.
4) I’ll shower you with thanks for sending in pictures. Really, it would make my year if you did.
5) Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make the website better.
6) Tell your aspiring photographer friends.

Much appreciated.

Got questions?


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